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Join us July 28-29, 2016 in Kissimmee, Florida for the largest regional building industry trade show in the Southeast! “SEBCville: Building in Paradise” will include Residential and Commercial Construction Educational Sessions, a two-day Expo Hall, and lots of fun filled and sandy social events. This is your opportunity to make personal connections with leading industry professionals by meeting face-to-face with over 250 manufacturers and suppliers showcasing an astounding array of innovative products. Visit to learn more!

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From prototype to job site: How contractors stay on the 'leading edge' with new technologies

By Kim Slowey 

The construction industry has seen its fair share of technological advancements in the past few years, with BIMlaser scanning and the proliferation of drones rapidly revolutionizing projects. But the story doesn't end there.

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"The Peyton"

Vintage Estate Homes 

 At Hunter's Ridge



Conference Board reports decline in consumer confidence, but the housing component rises.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an invaluable tool for any business owner who runs a brick-and-mortar business. Understanding the fundamentals of this platform will increase your chances of being found in local and mobile search results.

As a small business looking to connect with more local consumers, these search results are the most valuable ones you can pursue. Getting ranked locally is also a lot easier and less time consuming than attempting to compete with the entire world. Not only that, but focusing on local rankings will also help you reach geo-targeted consumers who are more likely to become real customers.

Google My Business is a new dashboard which replaces Google Places for Business and Google+ Local. Google has experimented with both platforms in the past, which has left many business owners feeling confused and frustrated.

The new Google My Business dashboard will eliminate this confusion by allowing you to manage your company information across all of Google’s platforms, including Search, Maps, and Google+. It’s a one-stop solution that should help you simplify the whole listing management process in the going forward.

Accessing the dashboard is easy. You can do it from the Google My Business platform on your PC, or you can download the Google My Business App for the Android iOS and use it on your mobile device. Either method will allow you to access and control all of the dashboard functions.

While I can’t promise you that Google won’t change things up in the future, I can promise that this integrated system makes things a lot easier right now


ACT has 4 eager students still available
to place for summer jobs!


Thank you, International Tile for supporting the Deland Bulldogs Carpentry Class! 

Why Your Business Needs a Proxy Server

    iStock_000009559918XSmallWe all know the internet is a dangerous place, full of viruses, malware and hackers. Often overlooked in a small business is one of the most costly issues, social media, and the loss of productivity while your employees are entranced in it. We’ve all been guilty of wasting too much time on the internet, getting sidetracked by one link or another. But when your staff is surfing and socializing on the clock, it is costing your business money.

    What is a Proxy Server?

    Think of a proxy server as the guardian of your network. All traffic outgoing and incoming flows through this device and it has the ability to allow or block any content you choose. It typically sits between your internet connection (cable modem, dsl, etc.) and your network switch. Proxy Servers perform the following tasks :

    • Privacy – When an internal user requests a Web page, the request goes through the proxy server so that it appears to the Internet to be coming from the server – from its IP address (or one of them) – and not the user’s device. This anonymity provides an important measure of security by reducing the amount of information about a network and its users easily accessible to hackers on the Internet.
    • Caching – If your users frequently need to access certain pages on the Internet, the server can download and store copies on its hard drive. It will also continuously monitor the page for changes and download them, so the cached page is always up to date. If another user requests the content, the proxy server will send it directly to the user, without ever needing to access the internet. This can dramatically increase internet speeds and decrease bandwidth usage.
    • Content Filtering / Blocking – Requests from inside your network to different content can be managed. Different policies can be defined for this purpose so that the access to the data is according to the authority of the user. All users access the Internet from the proxy server, so network administrators can block certain pages and limit the amount of accessible websites. This type of filtering is usually done to limit websites either individually or through categories. For instance, some proxy server software blocks whole categories such as entertainment, pornography or gaming sites.
    • Monitoring – Whether for legal compliance or for sales and customer service improvement, sometimes it is necessary for management to monitor employee internet access (emails, instant messaging, website usage). A proxy server will give you this ability. You will be able to watch incoming and outgoing communication on your network, all in one place.
    • Malware / Virus Protection –  A proxy server protects the network from malware, which is installed on users’ computers when they access an infected website. When the malware is installed on the user’s machine, it can spread to other machines on the network. This is a security risk for the company. Documents can be stolen and passwords can be compromised, giving others unauthorized access to the network. Proxy servers can block and monitor web traffic, so the administrator detects suspicious activity even if the user is unaware of the problem.


    From our years of experience servicing business computer systems, the biggest 2 costs employers are worried about are wasted manhours (employees on facebook, youtube, pinterest, craigslist, twitter, etc) and repairing / removing viruses and malware from their computers. As a simplified example, if you consider each employee spends at least an hour each day surfing non-productive content at an average salary of 30k/year. Each employee is wasting 250 hours a year * $15/hr = $3750. Now multiply that by the number of employees you have and the cost to setup a proxy server and yearly antivirus/malware subscription is a no brainer. Imagine how much work would get done if each employee had an extra 200 hours each year to work.

    Proxy Servers come in all different sizes with different feature sets. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on setting one up in your business.


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    VBIA Leadership In The News!

    Past Associate VP and VBIA Life Director, Lisa Blythe, has been promoted to the position of Director of Compliance and Corporate Communications for Southern Title. In addition to overseeing marketing, communications, and public relations, she will take on the responsibility for compliance with all company best practices policies and procedures. 

    We have several upcoming opportunities for our Members to get involved! If you have questions or want to know more about any of these opportunities, please contact our office.

    June 15, GMM

    We need 2 volunteers to offer guests 50/50 tickets during the cocktail hour before the meeting
    We have the opportunity for a corporate sponsor table next to registration for you to meet the guests & members


    Fall Realtor Appreciation coming... Builders Buy your tables


    VBIA Volunteers:

    Thank you for doing the 50/50 ticket sales at our May GMM


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